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10 Important Tips for finding the right Toronto Rental Condominium  

The Condominium 

No. 1/.  Does the building that you’re looking at have 24-hour ON-SITE security, and a concierge?  These are extremely important both for your safety, the safety of your automobile, condominium contents and for personal and business mail deliveries.   

No. 2/. Some rental buildings include parking, Hydro, heating and even cable television. In order to calculated comparable rents, add these items if they’re not included. 

No. 3/.  Does the condominium building you’re looking at have:  guest parking, recreational facilities, workout areas, indoor pools, saunas, whirlpools and barbecue areas? These extras add a lot to your living enjoyment. 

No. 4/.  Are the buildings that you’re looking at air-conditioned?  Most importantly, are the condominiums you’re looking at central air-conditioned?  Toronto summers can get extremely hot and “wall air-conditioners” are noisy, inefficient and allow both outside dust and sounds to permeate your condominium.  We believe central air-conditioning is a must. 

No. 5/.  What sort of shape is the condominium building that you’re looking at the in?  Is the exterior nicely landscaped?  Does the underground parking have a heated ramp?  Is the exterior of the building in good shape?  Is the lobby, and are the halls, attractive?  Is this a building you can be proud to invite visitors to? 

Location is important.   

No. 6/.  Is the area of the condominium building that you are looking at safe? Is this a neighborhood that you would feel comfortable walking through at Night? 

No. 7/.  How long will it take to get to work? Drive or take transit to and from your tentative rental condominium during rush hour to gauge commuting times and routs.  Remember that a 20-minute commute from Mississauga to your Toronto office can take over an hour each way during rush hour. If you rely on transit, try traveling to your new home during the slower Sunday schedule times. 

No. 8/.  Are there any interesting restaurants and stores within walking distance?  Are there food stores closed by?  A nice area with excellent, inexpensive restaurants, vegetable and fruit markets bakeries and grocers can be substantially more enjoyable than a location where you have to drive everywhere. 

The Landlord 

 No. 9/.   Be careful renting a condominium from a private investor.  Unlike an condominium building, a private rental condominium can be sold or occupied by the owners and your tenure will terminate at the end of the lease.  With a professional condominium building, your tenure is virtually guaranteed by provincial legislation as long as you meet your rent obligations. 

No. 10/.  Make sure that you rent your property from a reputable company or reputable landlord.    The better landlords have extremely professional staffs and well presented rental offices.  Usually, they have information about their company and detailed information about the condominium that you’re looking at.

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